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Why Choose Us

1. Project Management Services

Our project managers are highly experienced, hands-on personnel committed to delivering all of our projects to our customers’ expectation and requirements.  Our project managers utilize contract expediting, following accepted contract standards and procedures.  They hold regularly scheduled construction meetings with clients and provide written reports to document the progress of the work.

2. Turnkey Contracting:

A.O. Demarg, as the prime contractor, can provide seamless turnkey services using our own staff, and when necessary, carefully selected and proven sub-contractors with whom we have developed strong relationships.  Our highly skilled staff and our contractors allow us to successfully complete diverse client projects.

3. Power System Engineering Design:

This includes site inspections, site layout plans, power system sizing and system design customized to meet each project’s specific requirements.  A.O. Demarg provides prototyping and part numbering systems that ensure readily available accurate information for each system.

4. Customized Electrical and Mechanical Assembly:

This includes custom designed switchboards, controllers, distribution cubicles, and self-contained transportable power supply units as needed.   All work is completed to local electrical standards by highly experienced and certified technical staff.

5. On-site Installation and Supervision:

A.O. Demarg provides installation of the entire power system, including complete civil engineering, structural assembly and electrical installation.

6. Operator and Maintenance Training:

A.O. Demarg ensures the customer’s operations and maintenance teams are trained to obtain the fullest benefits from the power system.  We provide training as well as a detail documentation manual including extensive system and CAD drawings that are specific for your procedures.

7. System Inspection and Commissioning:

Our trained engineers can inspect and commission the system, provide a formal handover to your staff, or provide detail test and commissioning procedures.

8. System Analysis, Technical Reports and Recommendations:

We provide technical reports and recommendations to our customers on request, and can provide the information and technical expertise to upgrade existing system when appropriate.

9. Equipment Testing:

Where appropriate, new equipment is thoroughly tested in our lab or our manufacturer’s at full power and within a heat/cool chamber to ensure maximum reliability of our products at your site.

10. Research, Design and Product Support:

A.O. Demarg is constantly striving to offer the “best in class” products and services.  We constantly challenge ourselves to provide more sophisticated equipment, with increasing power and reliability, using state-of-the art technology developed by our research and manufacturer’s initiatives.

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