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  • General Questions
  • What is Solar Energy?
    Solar energy takes advantage of the sun’s rays to generate heat or electricity. It is an infinitely renewable resource and unique for its ability to generate energy in a quiet, clean, and consistent manner
  • How can we get electricity from the sun?
    By the integration of solar panels, inverters, batteries, charge controllers and cables.
  • What are the components of a photovoltaic (PV) system?
    A PV system is made up of different components. These include PV modules (groups of PV cells), which are commonly called PV panels; one or more batteries; a charge regulator or controller for a stand-alone system; ...
  • How big a solar energy system do I need?
    It depends on the power consumption of equipment needed to be powered and duration of use.  Contact US for  power audit of your needs.
  • Can I use photovoltaic (PV) to power my home?
  • Why should I purchase a PV system?
    For reliable and enduring power supply with low maintenance and service cost.
  • Will my system work at night?
    Yes. At night, your system will draw power from your battery-bank for your energy needs.
  • Will my system work on cloudy days?
    Yes, though the solar panels produce less electricity, the battery-bank  autonomy considered in the battery design will take care of the cloudy days.
  • What happens during a power outage?
    The Solar power system automatically comes on.
  • What appliances can I use with my system?
    All appliances considered in the system design
  • Does your solar system make hot water?
    Yes. We have solar water heating solutions.
  • What other options do I have if the system cannot be mounted on my roof?
    If a roof-mounted system proves impractical, a ground-mount, application (use of a heightened support structure) may be an option.
  • Can I have a solar electric system on my house and still be connected to grid power?
    Yes. We have systems that are designed as on-grid systems, meaning they are designed to interconnect with utility power.
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