Industrial Power Solutions

Because of its flexibility and labourless maintenance, photovoltaic energy is definitely the most adapted solution for a series of industrial applications in remote areas – from the technical and cost efficiency point of view. We are experienced in designing turn-key solutions in order to fully satisfy our customers‘ needs and wishes.

Telecommunication Systems

As the telecommunication network is extended to remote areas, site access is often difficult and connection to an electricity grid is seldom possible. Solar systems for telecommunication typically power loads ranging from IW single wireless terminals to 4kW backbone repeater stations. Today, major telecom network operators, carriers and turnkey equipment manufacturers routinely use photovoltaic powered communication systems in small, medium, large and DC hybrid loads.

Cathodic Protection for the Oil and Gas Industry

Cathodic protection is the most used method to protect metal pipeline, storage tanks, bridges and other exposed equipment from corrosion. For the process of cathodic protection a DC current is generated by a PV system. Being a standalone energy source, the solar energy comes as an attractive solution to supply power to this system in terms of reliability and cost efficiency.

AC/DC Systems with Hybrid Power Supply

Larger stand-alone PV systems provide electricity to bigger individual installations like hotels, hospitals, schools, small factories etc. and offer a wide range of applicable loads. They generally include an inverter allowing the use of
AC and DC loads with a typical range from 500W to 300KW output power. Systems using more than one source of energy (solar panel, wind generator, diesel generator) are called hybrid systems and can be suitable to increase power output and reliablitity.

Stand-alone Power Systems

A stand-alone power system is an off-grid electricity generation system for locations that are not fitted to the grid distribution system. Typical Off-grid power systems include one or more methods of electricity generation, energy storage, and regulation.

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