Community Power Solutions


Solar Mini Grid Power Systems

A mini grid is a small energy system capable of balancing its energy supply and power demand to maintain stable service within a defined boundary/ community. It ensures the power source for the target community is centralized for easy access and remote monitoring. This system is a collection of solar arrays, inverters, battery bank, Diesel generator, wind and transmission lines.


Solar Street and Area Lighting Systems

Solar Street Light Systems provide bright electric light in areas where main power is either unreliable or simply unavailable. We offer turn-key solutions for the illumination of foot paths, streets and public places, also possible
with a motion detector. Our Solar security/street lights are high-tech products that combine functionality with a known design. The security lights are suitable for illumination of different class of streets, avenues and nodes in accordance to international standards.


Solar Water Systems

The ability to use the power of the sun in any environment makes solar systems perfect for water pumping
and water heating in remote areas. In comparison to other solar systems a battery storage is not necessary as the water is a natural storage medium. a.o. Demarg offers the newest technologies for your perfectly fitting water system.

Solar Home Systems

Solar Home Systems are individually designed PV systems covering basic household needs such as lighting, radio, TV, small fridge generally covering a power output of up to 500W peak. Such a system supply different daily electrical devices with power through a local distribution network. This network can be either low-voltage DC or alternating current similar to the public grid, using an inverter.


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