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The pressure to maximize use of renewable energy is mounting against grave environmental concern. Converting the sun’s energy into usable form of electricity offers the best power solution that is free of pollution. Its low maintenance requirement also makes it a cost-effective and reliable source of electricity. This technology, known as Solar Photovoltaic, is now available for industrial, commercial, office and residential customers.

A.O. Demarg is a solar power generating company in partnership with Phaesun, International Power Supply (IPS), African Energy, Sunlight, JinKo, Neosun, Autarsys, SHAKTI Pump, . She specialize in the design, supply, installation and servicing of solar energy equipment to provide uninterrupted power solutions for the comfort of humanity, while protecting the environment.

A.O. Demarg’s project group consists of seasoned engineers, technicians and other artisans who have faced many challenges and consequently proved their worth in the industry. A.O.Demarg thus possesses the wherewithal to take a project from initial conception to final completion. The world’s leading solar companies, world leader SMA, Schneider, Phaesun, iKUBE, Autarsys, SHAKTI, African Energy, IPS , JinKo Neosun and Sunlight  and many other industry giants support us.

As a key player in solar power industry with many years of cognate experience, and in partnership with the big energy companies in the industry worldwide, A.O. Demarg is a name that is synonymous with quality, reliability, performance and trust. These qualities form the bedrock of our mission; “we are committed to providing the needed and refined electricity for the comfort of humanity through renewable energy while the environment is protected"

In our own humble contribution to the economic and national security in Nigeria, A.O. Demarg Nig Ltd, continually puts the sun to work in providing electricity for the following uses:

  • Household, Schools, Offices, Hospitals and Hotels
  • Mini-grid for Industries, Commercial, Housing Estates and Rural Electrification
  • Industrial and Commercial Hybrid Power Solution
  • Street/Security and Traffic Lighting
  • Solar Water Heating Systems
  • Domestic and Community Water Supply
  • Irrigation
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Telecommunication Power Solution

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